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School Support

"The support was exactly what we needed at a time of intense improvement.  They encouraged us to build what worked for our school rather than telling us what to do.  We were so happy with the Ofsted inspection"




First and foremost, the HART Alliance is committed to achieving the very best outcomes for all of our children and young people. 

This is achieved by providing high quality CPD, Leadership and Management training and entrants to the teaching profession. Embracing a distributed leadership model we will ensure all strategic partners are actively involved in planning, delivering and quality-assuring our provision. 

As a result of training in a culture that promotes reflective practice and joint practice development our member schools will become committed to continuous improvement and will be well prepared for the school led system.


  • A collaborative approach to the school led system, which promotes a culture of joint practice development and the sharing of expertise, improves the quality of training and the quality of teaching and learning in schools across the partnership
  • Networks and hubs within the HART Alliance encourage self-directed learning for all establishing a learning centered culture.
  • Reflective practice promoted throughout the training programme and the partnership encourages innovation to bring continuous improvements to the training programmes and the partnership.
  • An inclusive ethos in the partnership as a self-improving system increases responsibility, accountability and an aspirational approach to achieve the best outcomes and provision for all stakeholders and pupils across schools.  
  • Member schools are linked by a shared moral purpose which is demonstrated through professional generosity  
  • School Led delivery of all CPD creates distributed leadership and development opportunities for all colleagues at all levels across schools.

Membership of the HART Alliance is priced at £300 for schools or federations with less than 100 pupils on roll and £500 for schools or federations of schools with more than 100 pupils.  In addition there is support for governors, NQTs as well as networks and research projects.  Please take a look at next year's offer.

If you wish to pay for membership options, please access the payment through the links on the pages on this website.

"We were advised to join HART by another headteacher when we were starting to consider how we would introduce the knowledge rich curriculum across the school and found that they were already training extensively on this area. They gave us access to all of the materials they had already worked on and offered individual support for our teachers ..." HART School headteacher 2019


If you would like more information about membership, contact the team at

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