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School Support

"The support was exactly what we needed at a time of intense improvement.  They encouraged us to build what worked for our school rather than telling us what to do.  We were so happy with the Ofsted inspection"



HART NQT Appropriate Body 

Remember to support HART by registering your NQTs.

Did you know that your school can save money by registering your NQTs with HART as an Appropriate Body?  HART give support to schools registering with them charging £120 rather than £150 charged by all other Appropriate Bodies in North Yorkshire.  HART only offer this service to HART membership Schools.

NQTs are required to be registered with an Appropriate Body before they start in School in September.  Get in touch with Antonia for more information or download the forms on the website.

As part of the school's provision, NQTs must have:

  1. 10% PPA,
  2. 10% NQT CPD time and
  3. Make a plan as to how they will develop the teaching practice and subject knowledge of the NQT through CPD.  CPD can look like a combination of any of the following:
    • Time in school observing other teachers;
    • Time visiting other schools to observe teachers with particular practice or subject knowledge; and
    • Time attending CPD sessions on areas that the mentor and NQT have identified as needing development.

If NQTs are found not to be progressing against the Teachers' Standards and they have NOT received appropriate support, they can appeal against the school's decision.   Please make sure that your NQTs are given the appropriate levels of support with at least TWO observations with feedback each term and time with their mentor to discuss ongoing issues with pupils.


NQT Termly reports and completion reports are due at the beginning of next term.

Tasks through the NQT Induction YearTasks through the NQT Induction Year

NQT Induction and Mentor Training

Mentor training – Date –12th 4-5.30pm September 2019

Training led by outstanding mentor Lisa Longford from Askwith Primary School in North Yorkshire.

  • An introduction to an outline of the programme.
  • An introduction to the roles, responsibilities and expectations of the mentor and the NQT.
  • An introduction to wellbeing and teacher workload issues.
  • How to set targets which will improve the progress of your NQT
  • How to give good feedback to your NQT.


What to expect from your NQT year – 18th September 3-4.30pm

A meeting for NQTs from around the partnership to find out what to expect from your NQT year. 

  • An introduction to an outline of the programme.
  • An introduction to the roles, responsibilities and expectations of the mentor and the NQT.
  • An introduction to wellbeing and teacher workload issues.
  • What you need to know and what kind of support will be available to you.
  • Bring your personal targets to enable facilitators to consider the support that you need.
  • Explore what you want from this year and what your needs are.

If you wish to register your NQT with the HART Alliance Appropriate Body, please email or complete the enquiry form below.


Use the forms below during the year to submit termly reports or interim reports for part-time NQTs.

Reports should be submitted within two weeks of the end of each term.

Please email the reports to the team at from the headteacher account as this constitutes a signature from the school.  

Please highlight any concerns in the accompanying email so that we can support you in putting the appropriate support in place.

Registration Form

Downloadable Form


Interim reporting form 

This should be submitted at the end of each term for full time and every 60 days for part time

Downloadable Form


Final Recommendation Form

 To be submitted after three terms for full time or after 190 days for part time.

Downloadable Form

Useful tools

The following tools can be used to identify next steps, targets and keep track of the progress of your NQT

Statutory guidance for the induction of newly qualified teachers

Grade descriptors based on the Teachers' Standards 

Teachers' Standards 2012

Action plan to support progress

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